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45 Years ago this week Walt Disney World opened its doors and since then millions have poured through its gates capturing memories on film. In the past 3 years we've shared nearly 50 restored home movies of WDW. While a few of these films are from our own family and friends, the majority come from eBay, garage sales, and flea markets. Captured memories that were tossed away to time, lost in estate sales and completely forgotten. When you view the films you can't help but wonder who they are and why their once precious memories played eventually played second fiddle in their lives.

To celebrate these individuals who we will never meet, we put together a montage of those wonderful faces, happy children, and delighted (er, sometimes grumpy!) adults in a project we call Kodachrome Kingdom. This musical montage is nearly 3 years in the making as we carefully pulled out specific scenes from our restorations to fill in the puzzle. This film is not complete by any means; as we restore additional meida and obtain more personal footage we'll gradually change the film to be a more complete picture of the faces and people that have enjoyed WDW in the early years. Kodachrome by Paul Simon was selected for a few reasons. For one, it is an obvious nod to the finest color film of all time...our footage spans 1971-1980 and this song, released in '73, captures the essence of that era and photography; and its just a good song!

Families never dreamed their short few minutes of film would be shared for all to see...
This film is dedicated to all of those whose memories were thought to be lost to time

Technical Notes: We realize that not every film we've restored has the clarity and cleanliness of Kodachrome, over time we'll replace the grainy clips with higher quality footage. The montage follows the song to a degree and slightly follows what a day at the MK would be like back then. The latter is a project for another day! :)


Tuesday, 27 September 2016 12:03

EPCOT Center B-Roll Video - Future World 1 of 3

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We continue with our series of EPCOT Center B-Roll footage

EPCOT Center B-Roll Restoration Series

Future World

  • Part 1 - (This Article), General EPCOT Center, Spaceship Earth and Innoventions
  • Part 2 - Coming Soon
  • Part 3 - Coming Soon

World Showcase


A few months back we took you on a tour of World Showcase using B-Roll footage shot by Disney for use by news agencies and for promotional purposes. Today we return to that videotape moving in to Future World.

We begin with aerial shots of circa 1987-era EPCOT Center. We glide over the whole park, then over Spaceship Earth and the Energy Pavilion and then a panorama of World Showcase follows focusing on the American Adventure, our host nation, initially. The experience of arriving at EPCOT is captured from the parking plaza to the parking lots to the trams (in groovy glorious EPCOT 80s earth tones) and the turnstiles.  We even get the monorail experience offering a seldom captured view of the Lucite fountain from above.

Our favorite Future World rainbow spacesuit-clad characters are featured next with Donald and Chip N Dale appearing. We then move briefly to World Showcase Lagoon for a view of the nighttime show Laserphonic Fantasy.

Now on to Spaceship Earth!  You really do get a sense of the majesty the park entrance had before they replaced the flower beds and fountain with the ugly stone memorials there now. We even get a bonus view from the top of Spaceship Earth looking down on the park. In Spaceship Earth we see the caveman scene before some of the drawings were animated on the back wall (and it was more brightly lit).  The Renaissance and Greek Scholar scenes are also featured before we head outside for more day and nighttime Fountain of Nations displays.

We are then move to Innoventions. Notice how crowded and lively it seemed back then. Very different from the ghost town feel it has in some areas now. While the technology on display seems rudimentary to us now it was cutting edge stuff back then – stuff you often couldn’t see anywhere else.

The video ends with a glimpse of the (still functioning) lighted floor tiles and some exterior shots by the Electric Umbrella.


First and foremost, thank you to everyone who purchased tickets. We certainly didn't expect to sell out so quickly; all but a few tickets were sold in the first 10 minutes! We're humbled by how many of you want to spend an hour with us this coming November.

For those that purchased tickets, we will be contacting you during the next week to let you know if your requested date was available. We think we have it pretty well mapped out and it looks like everyone will get the day they requested, however there may be an additional boat added for Saturday which would mean 2 different sail times. We'll keep you updated - we understand some of you are attending Destination D and don't want to miss a minute of that!

If you were unable to purchase tickets we have a standyby list now open. Depending on the additional interest, we may add an additional boat or two depending on our schedule. Please email your name, total # in your party to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject: "Lake and Lagoon Tour Standby List"

If we have availability or add more tours we will contact those on the list in the order they are received. Of course if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Again thank you to everyone for their continued support, we've got some special film and video releases coming out this week and we are working on some major projects as well!

RetroWDW Crew - Todd, How, JT and Brian


David Coolidge ( is an American Watercolor Realist and in episode 22.5 of Todd and How discussed with David how he was one of the first ever to display his art at Lake Buena Vista. During our chat, we discover that David did use the original Polynesian waterfall as the subject of one of his paintings.

David is now accpeting orders for "Polynesian Pond" on his website. These giclée prints are limited edition and are signed/numbered by the artist himself! There are a limited # of these left. You can order yours here:

Tell David RetroWDW sent you!

Polynesian Pond #2
Giclee #:
Prints Made:
Image Size(inches):
12.75 x 15
Retail Price:
$125.00 + S&H
Paper Size:
14.75 x 17


1975 July WDW 10Welcome to Episode 22.5 of the Retro Disney World Podcast: "David Coolidge talks Lake Buena Vista" - We appreciate your support and hope you have been enjoying each and every episode. Be sure to check out some of our previous shows.

We recorded an interview with David Coolidge and due to timing and length, it didn't make it into Episode 22. So we figured we'd release a special Bonus episode of our interview!

David Coolidge ( is an American Watercolor Realist and in this episode Todd and How sit with David and discuss how he was one of the first people ever to display his art at Lake Buena Vista. David gives some insight to how his show came to be and what the shopping village and vacations villas were like in the early years including shopping, a giant silver Taj Mahal, water taxis and trombonist Herbie Green!


During our chat, we discover that David did use the original Polynesian waterfall as the subject of one of his paintings and we will announce shortly on how you can get a giclee print!

Here is an album of David's photos from Lake Buena Vista and we've also restored some of David's personal films from his trips

Swan Boads and Adventurelande
Shari Lewis, Top of the World Show
Magic Kingdom and Mickey Mouse Review
1975 Lake Buena Vista

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Check back with us very soon for Episode 23 where we take you back to the Carousel of Progress!

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Our 1974 visit to the Magic Kingdom begins in the castle hub. Some men in brightly colored Hawaiian shirts await Mickey and his friends parading with the Main Street Band.  All of the familiar characters of the day are there (including Dumbo) and the Dapper Dans on tandem bicycles. Be sure and catch Robin Hood at the 1:40 mark attempting to steal a youngster from the crowd.

Our footage then takes us outside the park to entrance plaza with the Roy O. Disney overhead in Main Street Station. In Town Square we are again reminded that uncommon sights in the early days of the Magic Kingdom were blue jeans and, often, children.  Sometimes you can’t see either anywhere in footage of the day.

A quick pose with the totems outside the Jungle Cruise area in Adventureland before our friends head to Fantasyland and glimpse of the Carrousel with refurbishment walls around it. Obligatory footage of the Nautilus plying the waters of 20,000 Leagues lagoon before we meet some more characters outside Fantasyland’s toy shop.

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