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Saturday, 04 July 2015 13:52

Prototype Coasters

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Awhile back we did some 3D print tests with a 3rd print company to see how the EPCOT logos would look…we recently added our very own 3D printer to our arsenal of tools and we figured we’d print out a full and complete set as a prototype. While these are reliefs and made of plastic, we may make the final product with a rubber material and inset the logo. Further below you will find another experimental square coaster, this has the inlay into the familiar square sign from EPCOT Center.

We know these will generate interest. However we need to work with Disney to get these approved for mass production. If you have any contacts at Disney merchandising/licensing please drop us a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Stay tuned for Kickstarter info once we have a green light from the mouse…

Prototype Coasters

Prototype Coasters


Seven Seas LagoonWelcome to Episode 8 of the Retro Disney World Podcast: "Legends & Legacies of Lakes and Lagoons" We appreciate your support and hope you have been enjoying each and every episode. Be sure to check out some of the previous shows along with our latest.

Corrections and Comments - We discuss a little bit about Todd's squeaky mickey doll, which you all heard during the last episode. Some light has been shed on the purpose and of course the cotton jumper. Brian is fresh off a WDW trip, but didn't make it to check on the famous sewage smell at Mousegear.   

Main Topic - This episode focuses on Bay Lake and The Seven Seas Lagoon. We discuss the layout, construction and attractions that were planned and also what made the final cut. The watercraft options compared to now are crazy different and we discuss what was available. Find out which lake is man made and which is natural, a common misconception. We have started doing photo albums for the different podcast episodes, so check out the Episode 8 Album to get a great visual as you listen.

Call Ins - We had two great call-ins this month from some very special people. Our first guest is Bill Cork and he is a former lead on the Admiral Joe Fowler. He shares an amazing story about how the ship ran off track at one point and also has some special easter eggs that you won't want to miss. Bill takes then takes you back in time for a journey around The Rivers of America as he narrates the spiel he remembers to this day. The second guest is Jeff, who is the end all be all expert on the Electrical Water Pageant. He has recreated the different versions throughout the years, digitally for your enjoyment. Jeff also knows each change, float, music and all the other details for one of our favorite shows at WDW. Jeff has a great site, that houses everything he discussed on the show, check out his Tomorrowsphere Blog. How dives super deep into the Electrical Water Pageant and we 8 - Boat Rentalslearn tons of facts and figures about this simple, yet long lasting show.

Audio Rewind - Congratulations to our winner, Jennifer Silveira, guessing El Rio del Tiempo in the World Showcase. She is the winner of an amazing WDW Transportation Poster!  If you think you know the answer to the audio puzzler this month, email us! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a chance to win an Epcot attraction logo pavillion sign, custom made, in house at RetroWDW - All correct answers will also be entered into a drawing in December of 2015 for a Paul Hartley reproduction map from!!

RetroWDW Merchandise - Our Redbubble store project is off to a great start. Many amazing products are available for you, our fans and listeners. The designs are exclusive to RetroWDW and will be rotated out and updated frequently. Be sure to get your shirt, iPhone case, tote bag, pillow or coffee mug today! Exclusive to our listeners and fans, these sales will help us update some of our audio equipment - check out the designs here:

Viewer Mail - This month we have an email from Stephen, who brings up Little Oscar. Todd reminiscences about his visit with Little Oscar, the spokesman for Oscar Mayer. We also discuss some questions received on Instgram during the show. Thanks so much for your message, be sure to email us with any comments, questions or anything else you would like to discuss. Send your messages to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The American AdventureFilm Restoration - This month we take a look at the Home of Future living, restored by Pixcel and Imageworks.  This features the area after Space Mountain; the film has been brought back to life and color corrected for your enjoyment. How gives you a great commentary, comparing how the future turned out to be real in more aspects than one. 

We hope you enjoyed this episode! If you have any questions, suggestions or find errors please email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Check back with us very soon for Episode 9, as we wander into World Showcase and discuss The American Adventure, in honor of the Fourth of July. Hope you are as excited as we are!

Until next time... "Ready when you are, CB!"


The day is finally here! Our good friend Jason has completed and released our first visual podcast. He took our fifth episode, Stubborn Donkey: Part 1, and added amazing visuals, photos, videos and even shows avatars while we each talk. This truly does make the podcast listening experience ten times better, as he has done an amazing job. Follow along as we talk you through the ride while you watch it all unfold before our eyes. We even have included custom 3D animations so you can tell where you are located in the show building.Prepare to relive the attraction and the podcast like you have never done before.

(Note: Episode 5 Stubborn Donkey was originally published on March 23, 2015 as a part of our standard audio podcast , the original show notes can be found on this page.) Find us on Podbean: and iTunes:

You can watch the podcast below, or on youtube:


@GoAwayGreen has been hard at work coming up with two all new retro inspired designs. Will you descend in Hydrolator 1, 2 or 3? How about the We Are Doing It! design reminiscent of the now famous photo of EPCOT imagineers and workers building the park?  Don't forget our Electrical Water Pageant and Its' Fun to Be Free designs as well! Order a shirt, a sticker, greeting cards, a bag or even an iPhone case!

Best of all, today, June 8th only, use coupon: REELDEAL for 20% off your entire purchase of anything!

Visit to check out the designs and place your order

Proceeds of sales go to improve the RetroDisneyWorld podcast audio equipment and server/distribution fees. Thanks for your support!


Our secret behind the scenes technical video wizardry team has been hard at working putting visuals together to create our very first video podcast episode. We've taken Episode 5, Stubborn Donkey where myself, JT, How and Brian dive into the World of Motion and added photos, videos, custom 3D animations and more! Prepare to relive the attraction and the podcast like you have never done before.

Sit back and enjoy the first 5 minutes in this teaser/trailer....The full length video will be released in a few days! Enjoy!



145831-ALB-217In December I released at 30 minute film of my trip to Walt Disney World from 1980, I bet you didn't know that there were over 200 photos to go along with it. Thanks to the folks at ScanDigital I now have the entire album safely stored in digital format. I sent them the entire album...they went through it page by page, scanned each photo and then re-assembled the album before shipping it back to me along with a DVD of the 600dpi photos.

Inside you'll find photos of the Polynesian Luau, the Magic Kingdom, Big Thunder Mountain and the Whatchamacallit!

There are over 200 photos for me to share with you! But ScanDigital has also given us a special 10% off coupon that can be used at any time:  RETROWDW10 Head to ScanDigital today via this link to use the coupon!

Here is the photo album of my trip:


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