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Wednesday, 01 February 2017 14:55

Jungle Cruise - Restored 8mm Souvenir Film Featured

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Our restoration of Disney 8mm souvenir films next takes us to Adventureland's legendary Jungle Cruise. The film opens with the earliest of Jungle Cruise's many signs and entrance designs over the years. We see ships leaving the dock and entering a covered thicket canopy which you might not recognize because you're usually sailing under it and looking at the giant butterflies on either side of you.

As Rutshuru Ruby glides past ruins and waterfalls we see our first
wildife: a giant snake! (that doesn't appear to be moving). The next is one of a series of cool shots showing you the boat from the perspective
of the animals and ride scenes.  It's also noteworthy how thin some the
vegetation on the banks of the ride was before it had 40 years to grow.

The film takes us into the darkened temple and we see those ride scenes before 40 years of enhancements were made to them (it seems every time Jungle Cruise goes down for refurbishment they tinker with that scene).

The elephant bathing pool and wading hippos give way to footage of the famous (now retried) firing cap guns. You'll see the overturned jeep that is still in the ride but you won't see the back half of the airplane that appears today. That wasn't added until 1989 (when the front half was used in Disney-MGM studios Great Movie Ride in the Casablanca scene).

After passing the headhunting natives we glide back safely from the jungle to the wilds of Adventureland. High time for a Citrus Swirl from Sunshine Tree Terrace to refresh yourself.


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