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Sunday, 27 September 2015 21:41

Horizons - Eat, wash, deodorize and shave with that amazing orange smell!

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Mesa VerdeYes we all miss Horizons. But we also miss the odor of the fictional and now fabled Lorange fruit (half lime, half orange). The distincint smell is engrained in our memories and anything close to what we remember only peaks our olfactory receptors and thus triggers a memory flashback that is generally partnered with random thoughts of denial, eventually leading to depressed thoughts and binge watching grainy home videos of the now shuttered attraction. We now know that a "Scent Cannon" was used to inject the smell of oranges into the scene and was provided by Flavor and Fragrance Specialties (They don't sell to the public, so don't even try to call them).

So how can you enjoy some of this memorable smells in your very own home? The scientific research division here at has been keeping an eye out for orange based products and has tested them to ensure that their memory inducing odor lives up to your expectations. With out any further pomp and circumstance, here is how to Eat, wash, deodorize and shave with Horizons.

And if you have a favorite orange product, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., we'll add it to the list!


1. Chupa Chups Sunny Orange- 40 Lollipops - Yeah you're saying WTF is a Chupa Chup... well they are really tasty lollipops, seriously good and they don't have any crazy fake dyes and flavorings added. You wont' be dissapointed, one of my personal favorites!



2. Men's Face Wash - Citrus by LEAP Organics - I can't find the exact version of the one I have, but this one is pretty close. Its a really nice face wash that has a very refreshing Lorange scent to it. Women will be just as happy to wash with this one as reason its for guys only.



3. Pacific Shaving Company All Natural Shaving Cream - 3 oz - This one is a new find for me - not only does it smell like Horizons, you don't need much to shave with, its a all natural, leaves no nasty residue and gives you a super smooth shave. Yes women can use this one too!



4. St My Shaldan Neo Air Freshener Orange - Why it is "My Shaldan" and not Yours...or Theirs...or beyond us... We've experienced this Japanese import of Shaldan for years, my father used to have one at his office and we were taken immediately back to Horizons. Only question that may never get answered is, who's Shaldan is it really?



5. Pack of 12 My Shaldan Japanese Car Cup-Holder Natural Air Freshener Cans (Orange Scented) - Same as above, just in bulk for savings, making sure that every room you visit smells like Loranges, or perfect for birthday party goodie bags (well not really).

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