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Once upon a time there was no clutter... People long ago didn't need primary colors to entertain them; in fact drab earthy colors was more than acceptable. In days gone by there were no hanging banners, no tracking systems, and no outlandish souvenir trading. Turnstiles really turned, tickets were printed on paper and marked with real ink or torn by real people. The human element was present everywhere...we were being entertained and the product was the theme park, not us... It was simple and we liked it.

From my personal collection; 1980 and 1986 respectively below... more to come in the near future, a lot of scanning to do.

From Train Station - 1980 EPCOT - England - 1986

Tuesday, 01 April 2014 12:55

Wishing MyMagic+ was April Fools...

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We don't often post recent grumblings of recent events at WDW, but we decided to do this because there is so much negativity towards the new MyMagic program at WDW. We of course would be the first to allow us to go back to the Original Magic Ticket....

The article linked below gives you some insight to what is behind MyMagic/Fastpass+ at Disney World...

On a personal level in spring '15 we will visit Disneyland where we can again experience a theme park with out RFID bracelets...

Thursday, 30 January 2014 11:07

70s WDW Pana-vue Slide scans

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WDW often sold Pana-Vue slides in the resort, up until the late 1980s or so... Here are just a few remarkable photos of Tomorrowland, the Contemporary and a very young Treasure Island (which became Discovery Island)

WDW-661 - Entrance WDW-663 - WEDway PeopleMover WDW-665 - The Grand Prix Raceway-Underway WDW-671 - Gigantic Space Mountain WDW-803 - Monorail in Lobby WDW-813 - Shops in Grand Canyon Concourse WDW-815 - Hotel at Twilight WDW-961 - Entrance Landing

These photos are used on with permission from Bill Cotter. If you'd like to purchase copies of these photos please visit:

wdwinfoIn the 1980s and 1990s if you wrote to WDW asking for information (I often did under the guise of a "school project") they would send you all sorts of information they would just re-direct you to some sticky sweet looking PDF file loaded with stock photographs of perfect families skipping through the Magic Kingdom. Brian one of our users sent us a scan of a 1989 WDW information package. There is a wealth of really interesting information in here that reminds us of a world that we lost versus the world or reality that was created. Skipping past the Disney Afternoon and other BS crowd sucking live entertainment we land at "One Man's Dream" - that name is now used again at the Studios for the Walt Disney exhibit (and is also a Yanni song, yes Yanni, you have been warned). Descriptions of now well known attractions are included such as Captain EO, Journey's into Space (was watered down and turned into a blase thrill attraction and renamed Mission Space), and Splash Mountain are included, but what is really interesting is the first hint of the Little Mermaid attraction which didn't debut until 23 years later. Always sad to read descriptions and realize the USSR and Swiss pavilions never made it to World Showcase.

It is so clear this is 1989 - Disney MGM studios, remember folks back then it was a "real working studio", is suffering from a massive schizophrenic identity crisis. Dick Tracy Musical Revue is supposedly coming, along with his crime stoppers attraction - thank god the exec's stopped that one. Not sure what would have lasted longer; these attractions or the Barbie show at EPCOT Center; sadly I have to give the nod to Barbie as that one actually existed...eek! We would be also treated to Noah's Ark - a night time spectacle that would feature songs by Andrew LLoyd Webber. And who could forget all the Roger Rabbit attractions that never were, a smart move as that franchise only lasted a few years after the theatrical release.

Soon after this document was written we would mourn the loss of the late and great Jim Henson, two attractions and a parade would never make it to reality - in the end we are very fortunate to even have Muppet Vision 3-D today. The Great Movie Ride should be overhauled, put in the Muppets I say! Don't even try to tell me that the opening scene of the Great Movie Ride can not be improved, Miss Piggy even starred in her own version of sorts of Footlight Parade (right).

It is 1989 and the dream of the Mediterranean Resort is still alive as is Buffalo Junction. The DVC Bay Lake Tower back then was called "Kingdom Suites" and the "Shared-ownership Development" (ie: Timeshare/DVC) was just beginning.

Some dreams back then eventually became reality while many where shelved for years or forever...imagine what could have been...imagine for a moment...Try to imagine...

You can download and read the entire PDF here

Monday, 30 September 2013 23:18

Happy Birthday WDW!

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We love this day for obvious reasons... I wrote this a year ago, and it still echos how I feel:
Thursday, 02 May 2013 11:25

WDW Nametag Museum

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This site has an amazing display of WDW Nametags (amongst those from Disneyland, the cruise lines, imagineering and more!) Check it out!

The main site:

WDW Tags:

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