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Here is a side by side comparison of the restoration we have been doing on Walt Disney's 1966 Film about EPCOT. We employed a few different techniques to remove dust/grain, smooth the motion, steady the picture and improve the color balance. You'll notice it is cropped a bit, that needed to be done in order to compensate for some of the scenes where the camera shakes quite a bit.

The original source is from a Tomorrowland DVD that Disney produced about 10-15 years ago. While the quality of the digital copy is OK, its clear that the film was not cleaned before the DVD was made. Until Disney releases a frame-by-fame scan of the original negative, this may be the best quality we are going to have. If such a scan is ever done, it could be done at an HD level or higher...Fingers crossed... If anyone knows the whereabouts of an actual film copy of this short presentation, please let us know! We could work wonders with it!

The above mentioned techniques were applied to the entirety of the film, which works for most of it. However you'll notice that the color is still slightly "off" in certain scenes. Needless to say, we aren't 100% satisfied with the outcome. We are torn with leaving it how you see it restored here, or go one step further in the restoration and go scene by scene. This would involve cutting out each individual scene and adjusting each of them to provide more color continuity throughout the film. On the flip side, however we feel some of the nostalgic look of the film should remain.

Thoughts comments? let us know what you think we should do... Regardless we will post the full version of our efforts when we are complete.

Horizons fans, extreme Disney fans, and weirdos, the time has come. My best pal Chief has cancer and needs our help. Please read the specifics at our campaign HQ below. You'll find that I'm letting go of everything in my Horizons collection over the next few weeks INCLUDING my set of the original photos we took inside the ride. Please help.

Please do what you can to help!

We have big news over here at Retro Disney World... We've made contact via a wired telephony device with the famous Hoot Gibson. Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 5 years you already know that Hoot and his trusty side-kick Chief are the founders of Mesa Verde Times; a blog highlighting the duo's stealthy and sometimes near-death escapades throughout Horizons at EPCOT Center.

Hoot has given us permission to archive and post all of his photos/videos from his accolades and escapades throughout WDW. We've already grabbed Mesa Verde Times, F77 and his current Facebook photo archive. We hope to get Fresh Roasted Corn and we will of course follow Pirates of the Magic Kingdom. We've setup our site to syndicate his feeds here for your reading pleasure.

We've reserved a special area at RDW in our Pictorial Souvenir called Hoot's Loot:
Archive of the entire Mesa Verde Times Blog:
Facebook (updated whenever Hoot posts):

To add to the fun, Hoot will be making some appearances here at RDW: expect some articles, photos, general reminiscing, and retro type banter. Hoots personal connection to the World Famous David Ensign will provide artistry beyond your imagination and bedtime stories for the entire family.

We can officially say, in Love Boat style, Hoot is a Special Guest Star here at! Captain Stubing and Vickie welcome you aboard Hoot, glad to have you here!

There are already clues on our website, but expect a more formal article tomorrow... You'll give a hoot..

Until then, stay frosty my friends.

Once upon a time there was no clutter... People long ago didn't need primary colors to entertain them; in fact drab earthy colors was more than acceptable. In days gone by there were no hanging banners, no tracking systems, and no outlandish souvenir trading. Turnstiles really turned, tickets were printed on paper and marked with real ink or torn by real people. The human element was present everywhere...we were being entertained and the product was the theme park, not us... It was simple and we liked it.

From my personal collection; 1980 and 1986 respectively below... more to come in the near future, a lot of scanning to do.

From Train Station - 1980 EPCOT - England - 1986

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